Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quilt Along: Step 1

Ok! So several of you are having mini panic attacks over this.

Stop! Take a deep breath. This is fun, remember?

I know the unknown is always a bit panic educing but you're making it harder than it needs to be, I promise!

I'm making a large throw size. I've worked out that I want my blocks to be 8.5". I will arrange them in a 6x9 fashion so that my finished size before boarders will be 48" x 72".

I selected my square size based on the paper I have on hand and based my dimensions off of that. Remember, you will lose 0.5" of each block due to seam allowance.

Step One: Cut your squares. Pages out of a phone book work extremely well. The thinner the paper, the better. I used regular printer paper because that is what I have on hand.
If you use printer paper you will be cutting a 2.5" strip off of the top of each page. (save that strip, perfect for hexagons!)

Step Two: Cut your 1" constant strips. If you're using an 8.5" square these strips will be 12" long. If you are not using a constant you can just pull from your scrap pile and cut one 1" x 12" strip for each block.

Step Three: Using your glue stick attach the constant fabric across the diagonal of your paper square. I use just a spot of glue at each end. They should look like this:

Tomorrow we will work on construction of the rest of the block!

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